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    The moment you were born was extraordinary. The relationship of sun+moon+stars+earth will never be the same. The lives you touch and have touched will never be the same.

    You are amazing.

    Did you know you came with a blueprint? There is no other design quite like yours.

    Would you like to understand it better?

    Let us dive into the very basics of your astrological profile. I help you to take a look at where the sun, moon and planets were in relationship to earth when you were born, how that affects who you are and how you live, and why you feel inclined to do what you do.

    Astrology Readings can be like checking the weather or looking at a map. It helps to have a little awareness of what's around us.

    You have free will. Everyone does. And you can use your strengths to your advantage and address your challenges with grace and compassion.

    You can schedule by phone: 512-225-4474 or email:

    :: $85 Investment :: 60 minute Session ::

    Please provide your full date, exact time, and location of birth directly with me or on my voicemail (512-225-4474) when you make your appointment.  I will have materials prepared ahead of time.  If you do not know the time of birth, please see your birth certificate or ask a close relative who may know.

    I can't begin to thank you enough for your amazing insight and guidance! The reading you gave me has given me so much strength and confidence in everything I was moving through. Seriously, there are no words to express my gratitude. ~Kelly