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    Program Information

    Beauty Blossom Birth is the first Registered Prenatal Yoga School in Texas and we've graduated some amazing prenatal teachers. We offer a top of the line training program with innovative teaching methods and thorough coverage of topics required by Yoga Alliance.

    Topics Covered:

    • Anatomy and Asana through the 4 trimesters
    • Moving with Ease in Pregnancy
    • Contraindications & Cautionary Tales
    • Efficient Use of Props
    • Relaxation Techniques, Restoratives & Yoga Nidra
    • The Role of the Prenatal Yoga Teacher & Ethics
    • Yogic Philosophy & Mothering
    • Ayurveda through the Cycles of Womanhood
    • Subtle Body Wisdom & the Universe of the Uterus
    • Meditation, Mudra & Pranayama
    • Birth Possibilities & Coming to Terms with Triggers
    • Preparation for Birth with Yoga
    • Lesson Planning for Public Classes
    • Spontaneity & Presence
    • Working with Private Clientele
    • Prenatal / Postpartum Business Basics
    • and more...

    2017 Program

    The Little Yoga House will be hosting our 2017 program on February 16-19, March 30- April 2, and April 28-30.

    Please see the The Little Yoga House website for more details. Registration occurs through TLYH.

    If you have additional questions, our director and founder, Stacy Wooster, is happy to respond. You can email:




    About the School

    Beauty Blossom Birth is the brain child of Stacy Wooster who realized through birthing her own three babies that the cycle(s) of motherhood needs continual support and nourishment and that yoga is an excellent vehicle for self-care. Yoga promotes mindfulness and everyone can do it!

    She looked around for continued education options and saw a vacuum throughout the central and southern parts of the United States. Beauty Blossom Birth was created from a passion to make resources more widely available to both teachers and expecting families.

    The lead teacher for the program, Stacy has worked with pregnancy through multiple modalities since 2002 and has mentored yoga teachers on the finer points of working with pregnancy since 2010. She has a past in education and in her post-baccalaureate training, she learned curriculum design and how to reach the learner in a way that takes understanding and knowledge deeper.

    She wrote the curriculum for Beauty Blossom Birth while pregnant with her third child. She practiced the teachings during her pregnancy and also worked with her clients & students, receiving feedback along the way. The curriculum and school application was mailed off to Yoga Alliance while she rode the contractions of prodromal labor. The program was quickly approved and in May 2012, the first Registered Prenatal Yoga School in Texas was born!

    Stacy recognizes how a group of people can move the world, so she has sought out other amazing yogis, scholars and health care professionals as collaborators to produce the juiciest coursework for you.

    It would be an honor to have you join us.